Friday, September 7, 2012

something new...

See anything new on this fridge?

This photo is from this week when we had our 19-week ultrasound and found out the gender of our baby!  We are tickled pink (or umm... blue?) around here.  Lena and I spent much of the morning (and some of the afternoon... it's a long process with a little one) baking cupcakes with colored frosting in the middle.  Tonight we're going to bite into the cupcakes with our friends and reveal the gender!

I took a little video of Lena mixing up the colored frosting and "discovering" if she was going to have a baby sister or brother.  Right now I'm just sharing it with the family so they can know first, but I'll post it here on Monday morning!

Any gut feelings from you all if we're having a boy or a girl?  We'd love to hear your guesses!


  1. NO! Don't make us wait. Ahhh, waiting is the worst. I'm thinking girl. Yes, a little lady. Becca, I'm bad about posting but I've kept up with your blog for months! I love it, you post the best stuff, and makes me feel like I'm in Italy for a little part of my day. Thanks for sharing y'alls life and can't wait to hear about the new bambino!

    1. You are hilarious!! I won't rub it in....that I've seen the video... But am excited for a new little grandbambino!

  2. Congratulations! So nice to see the new little one, even if it's just through the sound waves!


  3. Maybe your mom would have referred to it is as "grandbambina" if it was a girl? I think it's a boy! ;)

  4. Hmmm, maybe, Abi! But on my phone--not my computer--it shows that my mom was replying to Emily Danner's comment, and that's why she would have chosen to say "grandbambino" when Emily used the word "bambino." I realized that when I looked at the comment on my phone... before that I was confused! Or was I worried she'd revealed the secret? Hmm, guess we'll find out on Monday! :-)

  5. Congratulations.
    Enjoy. I found that girls made me have more intense morning sickness than boys. Wonder why?


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