Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a week at Edelweiss

On Monday morning at Edelweiss in Germany we ate breakfast together.  Then Lena and I watched Elliott walk down the hallway towards a week-long series of lectures.  And I looked at Lena and felt that old sinking feeling that I always get when Elliott walks away to work after a long weekend or trip together.  (The first day Elliott went to work after our honeymoon I sat in his lap and cried.)   

But Lena and I bucked up and did some exploring, and after awhile the hours, and then the days, were passing by, filled with a new routine in a new place.  Garmisch, Germany, is in the middle of the Bavarian Alps and oh. my. goodness. those mountains are beautiful!  That first day Lena and I went on a long walk into a meadow beside the hotel.

In the evening we took Elliott back to the meadow so he could enjoy it too!

Lena and I also found a playground, where Lena learned how hard it is to climb a rope ladder:

And we hung out with our friend Liam, who helped Lena learn to walk and taught her that the picture on the mailbox was a "horse... horse... horse."

We also played in our room, where Lena loved pressing the buttons on the safe, playing in the curtains, reading books, and napping, which I always enjoyed too.  

The hotel had bikes with baby seats on the back, and so Lena also went on her first bike ride!  She thought it was a-okay, and I loved it.  (See the video below.)

We also spent untold hours in the pool and hot tub (where cameras and water don't mix) and Elliott and I got a babysitter for a couple of nights that we were there so we could go to dinner and a banquet with other conference attendees.  Not bad, not bad at all!  In fact I think we're ready to go back anytime the Army needs us there.


  1. All so wonderful, in a very wounded world-- it is wars and rumors of wars that has you there, after all. Thank you for the gift, allowing us to see some of what you saw. The mountains, the flowers, the lambs, and especially little Lena, are beautiful.

  2. I agree about the wonderful and the wounded, Steve. A profoundly beautiful and painful mixture. These photos are just stunning, Becca. I'm so glad you all had the opportunity to drink it all in.

  3. I had a much less profound reaction. It was simply this: HEIDI!!!

  4. Soooooo pretty!! Love Lena behind the curtain haha.

  5. I am familiarizing myself with Germany & Switzerland for a trip we are planning in early 2014. (I know, forever away!) My husband's family is from Zurich, Switzerland so we want to plan it right. Bavaria is also top on our list.

    This is just gorgeous. Sorry for all my comment bombs, I've enjoyed perusing for travel advice and love all the photos!


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