Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Italian Road Trip Day 1 :: Tivoli Gardens

Elliott admitted somewhere in the middle of this epic road trip that we were doing this for me.  Around here I often wax romantic and wistful, day-dreaming about "seeing Europe."  It was for his wife's dreaming that Elliott organized most of the details of this trip.  He arranged the rental car in Rome, booked hotels along the way, brought home stacks of travel guides from the library.  (I love that boy!)  I need to remember this because many times it was a lot less dreamy than the photos will show.  We're always smiling in these photos.  You won't see the sweat on our brows when the GPS failed us again.  You won't see us dragging our luggage in and out of hotels each and every night.  You might see a picture of us getting the most. expensive. roadway. ticket. EVER., but that's another story for another time.

Basically we're not sure we'll ever road trip through Italy again!  Well, at least until next year.

And now... without further ado... Tivoli Gardens: a hidden gem in the hills outside Rome.




  1. I specially like that ones with Lena in the water, her feet all wet and walking along the edge.

    And you are right. We try so hard to "smile" in our stories about life, which is not a bad thing-- and yet, and yet.

    Glad you are home, and that you saw all that you did.

  2. love the pic of Lena laughing -- so polite!

  3. David, that's my favorite, too! New profile pic, maybe??

  4. I'm grateful for Elliott's love for you :-). Though you might have had some sweat on your brows, sure looks like you had a good share of delightful moments and seeing stunning sights.

  5. I went to Tivoli Gardens when I studied abroad in Rome the summer after our second year! It was one of my favorite places to visit, and it looks like you all enjoyed it too! What a fun trip!


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