Wednesday, May 9, 2012

three beautiful things.

I should be working furiously while Lena is napping, but as usual during naptime my work goes in fits and starts: speedily fold laundry, slowly send Elliott a picture of Lena pre-nap, race through the dishes, thoughtfully write an email, whirl around with the mop till beads of sweat form, sit down to compose a blog post...

Today is a beautiful almost-summertime day in Sicily.  The skies are blue, the clouds are white, the grass is green, the roses are pink and yellow and red.  Here are a few beautiful things to enjoy this day:

-a pretty spring playlist compiled by some folks with great taste here (playing on repeat in this house)

-a couple with Christ at the heart of their marriage here (so much to process about my own marriage, goals, and mentality after watching this!)

-and finally, a few photos of my pretty baby girl splashing around with her friend Sam




  1. another great mix for you to download: and if you check my blog in the next few days, mine should be completed by then too :)

  2. Thanks for the head's up! Elliott's downloading that playlist now, and we'll check back for yours. :-)

  3. The expression on Lena's face is classic in the picture of her and Sam, "Could you just get me out of here as quickly and quietly as possible?!"

  4. What?! No, she LOVED it! She was probably just watching the cat in this pIcture. It's so hard to catch her smiles, but she genuinely loved the pool and didn't want to get out. Elliott pointed out later that she didn't seem to be happy in any of the photos--whoops!--but she really was. :-)

  5. love the playlist!! thanks! and i know how hard the not sweet eating thing is, for real! it consumes your mind, but after a few weeks it won't anymore :) "this too shall pass"

  6. I thought she looked happy in all the other ones :). It was just a funny little expression I was jokingly attributing to the presence of a companion.

  7. I might like carrie's linked playlist better... but both are great :)


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