Meet Us

We wed amidst a snowstorm in January 2010. After our honeymoon we moved to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. & lived in a wee little studio condo.  In July 2010 Elliott found out he was being deployed for a one-year assignment to Egypt & we also discovered we were unexpectedly expecting a baby.  We moved to Sicily, Italy, in July 2011 & we will live here for 3 years.  Every day we study a little Italian, learning word by word.

Elliott is a hippie peacekeeping veterinarian in the U.S. Army.  He likes building campfires, sleeping outside, & planning adventures around the world. He grows a beard for Becca whenever he's on leave. For fun he goes birdwatching & reads DC blogs even in Italy.

Becca is a former ICU nurse & is currently volunteering as a visiting RN for newborn babies and post-partum moms.  She thinks mommy-ing our baby girl is the best thing she's ever done.  She likes knitting by the campfires he builds, reading old books, & going to small bluegrass concerts. For fun she started this blog & goes to the town market to do our weekly fruit, fish, & veggie shopping.

and baby makes 3!
Born on April 3, 2011, Magdalena Katherine is the blue-eyed joy in our lives.  We call her Lena (LAY-nuh).  These days she likes stacking and sorting toys, reading books with anyone who will humor her, and walking/running everywhere.  She has an amazing amount of hair and a giggle for which we'll do absurdly silly things.

actually, make that 4...
We're expecting our second child in late January 2013.  The adventure continues as the family grows! 
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