Monday, June 4, 2012

life lately

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here are a few snapshots from our life recently:

a trip to the visiting circus in our little town!
& I gave her a bucket to splash in on the porch and she got right in 
 celebrating the end of May and my month of no sweets with a giant chocolate chip cookie
& lunchtime with a cutie patootie
 new activity: stacking things
one day she just walked up to me with a blanket on her head
 "Look what a great seat I found!"
& then the next night, when I was cooking in all the big pots, "Why don't I fit in here anymore...???"
 baby legs on the go in cute velvet skirts 
& cross-eyed over a pea
 books, books, oh how we love books!
& working on some mending
a walk around our town's cemetery

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  1. Love these snapshots, friend! Can't wait to see all three of you this week :)


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