Wednesday, June 27, 2012

an occasional francophile

This week I'm reading this book:

I hope to write a book review when I'm done, a la my Simplicity Parenting review, but right now all it makes me want to do is be her:

And do this:

And eat this:

What would you like to read, do, or eat today?

all images via pinterest


  1. Chuckle! I'd like to be with you, build a block tower with Lena, and eat nutella!

  2. I have actually been craving a crepe all day. What I would NOT like to be doing is taking a 265 problem practice test!

  3. What do you know? That was me, doing that, eating that, just last week!! Well, we were cruising on the river rather than dancing beside it but it was romantic nonetheless! :)

  4. I'm most envious of your "eating that," mon cherie Abi! Thought of you very often while reading this book. Obvi. :-)

  5. I saw this book in Barnes & Noble today! It made me laugh and then I just saw it on your blog. Hope you enjoyed it!


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