Monday, January 28, 2013

hello blog and hello baby!

Well, surprise!  I announced on Friday that I would be launching my new blog today, but little did I know I would also have a new baby by today!  I wrote that blog post around 2pm on Friday, got a call at 4pm from my OB that I needed to be induced, and by 7:15 I was in the hospital watching Pitocin drip down an IV and into my arm.  Our son was born about 4.5 hours later, healthy and hearty and crying oh so lustily!

Anyway, there is obviously so much more to say, but from now on I'm excited to announce that I'll be saying it on my new blog:  I have lots of photos, the promised giveaway, and more details about our baby's birth and name to share later this week. 

Please update your Google Reader with my new blog address and join me over at the new Making Room blog!

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