Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday in the valley

On Sunday afternoon we packed a picnic blanket, books, and oranges and walked down into the valley below our house.  We brought along the cute dog we're pet sitting this week as well as a length of twine.  After we found a quiet spot of green grass, Elliott tied the dog to the twine and the twine to his leg.  Viola! Long leash!  She snuffed and scurried about happily, nose to the ground, while we spread out on our blanket.

Lena still isn't sure what to think of our little doggie friend (although she does seem to be working on the word "dog").  With two animal-lover parents, though, she will be spending a lot of time with animals in her life!

Elliott and I settled down to read...

... while Lena crawled over and under and around and upon everything she could find, especially us.

Finally she settled down to eat one of her favorite things: a blood orange.

Such a peaceful, pleasant afternoon!  It is good for the soul to escape into natural beauty every now and then, I believe, and it doesn't hurt to have a book in hand, a dog curled up next to you, and a baby giggling up into your face.


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