Monday, March 19, 2012

pet sitting

Elliott and I have toyed around with the idea of offering in-home pet sitting for awhile.  I don't work here in Sicily and have a baby who needs to nap twice a day, and these two things keep me rather close to home.  People travel all the time here (Spain!  Rome!  Norway!  Paris!) and need a place to keep their pets.  Why not offer to board people's cats and dogs (and maybe bunnies and hamsters and fish)?

This week we have our first customer, a friend's Beagle.  You couldn't have a better dog for a trial run.  She's the sweetest thing, completely oblivious to Lena's alternating fear and curiosity, friendly and calm and submissive and content.  We love having her and I'm already dreading Thursday when we'll hug her goodbye.

1. Lena isn't sure what to think when she wakes up and finds a new friend in the house
2. shaking hands, saying hello
3. and 4. puzzles on the porch together
5. Lena helps me doing cloth diaper laundry while our doggie friend snuggles in onto said laundry for some love
6. Lena discovered clothespin heaven... and got stuck
7. doing her exercises during a walk in the valley
8. getting some love in the warm spring sunshine!


  1. I wouldn't mind a beagle for a week--such a cute pup! :)

  2. Melting...Oh my goodness. What's her name?!

  3. get a pup!! wait no, don't, then I'd be heartbroken for another far-away snuggler.


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