Wednesday, January 25, 2012

life lately

Like everyone out there, I love Instagram and the pretty things it can do to photos!  I am trying not to let it replace my "real" camera, for heaven knows I have a million things still to learn about photography and need all the practice I can get.  But when the big camera isn't around, I love capturing little moments this way.

Here are a few photos of our lives this past month.

 Thursday playgroup at the park
& trying out our new breadmaker

 celebrating my Christmas present from Em and Jess: fabulous slippers!
& snacking on some cheese before seeing Dr Josh

playdate with Sam at our house  
& trying to "catch" the sheets as they dry Italian-style on our balcony

 flower power pants do a dance while watching the wash go 'round and 'round
&  in love with her new sippy cup


let's have a conversation!

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