Monday, January 30, 2012

happy anniversary to us!

We've been married for two years today... such a long time, I know!  So much has happened in these two very short years.  Weddings and home-buyings and deployments and deaths and travels and births and good-byes and moves to Sicily!

I remember this day last year very well.  Elliott had flown home at last after getting caught in the middle of the Arab Spring uprising in Cairo, a terrifying 36 hours for us until he called me as he ran to board the last plane out of Egypt.  We met up with his family on our anniversary morning to have brunch at The Chesapeake Room on Barracks Row and then Elliott, Eden, and I went for a walk before we went to Bradley class.  I was 7 months pregnant at the time and stepped off a step on our walk... and suddenly I couldn't walk any farther.  I thought I had twisted my ankle, but it wasn't my ankle, it was my foot.  An x-ray the next day confirmed I had broken my foot!  What a fun day.  If it isn't one thing, then it's the other, it seems, with us.

Anyway, hopefully this anniversary will be a little less eventful.  Thus far Lena and I have spent it curled up in front of the fire as the rain pours down outside.  Tonight we're leaving Lena in the hands of a sweet Italian woman and are going out to a new sushi restaurant that our friends can't stop talking about.

Just for fun here are some photos of our beautiful snowy wedding by our awesome photographer friend:

the men get ready

walking from the carriage house to the mansion to greet his bride

joyful preparations!

first look & my sweet Grampie

 vows (we couldn't stop smiling!)

quick and cold portraits outside... snowflakes on our noses and eyelashes

 dancing the night away


  1. woooO! 2 years! SO much has happened. And God has been faithful & Good :)

  2. It was indeed joyful! I felt so honored to be a part of your special day. Hope you enjoyed the sushi restaurant. xoxo

  3. That was such a happy happy day! An answer to prayers of many years. And . . . COLD!


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