Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sitting up. sorta.

I just discovered the sweetest website with handmade toys and clothes for children.  And everything is "knitted by hand"!  Am I more amazed by the fact that they can charge $48 for a toy or that they are only charging $48 for such intricate knitting?  Can't decide.  But I do love these dolls!

Anyway, back to our own hand-knit doll baby: Lena.  (See Psalm 139:13)  Slowly but surely, she's getting this sitting up business.  Lunchtime today, for example.  Things often begin well with Lena sitting up cute as can be:

And then the forward tilt begins.  She can prop herself up on her arms for a minute.

She achieves her goal!  Toy in mouth.  Hands are otherwise occupied.

Ohhh and then we crash.  Soft landing on Mommy.  Pick ourselves up and try again!


  1. So cute! I love the crash picture.

  2. She is really working at it! I like seeing Mommy, too! Can't wait to see the real Lena :-))

  3. this blog has turned into everything I was hoping for... keep it up, and tell Lena to stop growing up!!!!!!!!

  4. She is almost there--with sitting! What a big girl she will be when we see her in a week or so. xo


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