Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Afternoon in Pedara

This weekend we rented a car since Elliott had four days off.  What a great idea - and now we have quite a few adventures to share, including our climb up an erupting volcano and more granite in Taormina.  And videos!

But while I figure all that out, here's a little post on Pedara.  We'd heard about this lovely little town in at the foot of Mt Etna and had visited it earlier this month on a housing tour.  This Friday afternoon we drove about an hour northwest into Sicily to explore.

Lena relaxed in a cozy spot with her daddy.

So many beautiful doors and windows throughout the town.  I might make a collage of Italian doors;  years ago I saw that Karen Goldsworthy has a beautiful college of Venetian doors in her chalet at Swiss L'Abri.

The main piazza and the church.

A lovely street where we revisited our favorite granite shop.  I chose lemon and pistachio; Elliott chose the coffee flavor.

Typical small town Italy: a piazza filled with old men sharing the afternoon together.

And last but not least: Italian driving school.  But why is it called "Sayonara"?  Isn't that "goodbye" in Japanese?  Sounds ominous...

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