Wednesday, October 3, 2012

an almost-welcome to Daddy

This is our last morning together with just the two of us before Daddy arrives!  It's been three-and-a-half loooong weeks and Lena and I cannot wait to hug that boy as he walks out into Dulles airport.  I am planning to have a Starbucks decaf soy mocha in hand for him, but it's a surprise, so I hope he doesn't get to read this before he gets here!

Welcome to vacation in Virginia, Elliott, where we have a million things to share with you...
  1. All Lena's new words!  Water (wa-wa), baby, walk, apple, clock, Bubba (grandpa), woof, meow, and moo... there's a new one every day.
  2. Leaves turning the color of toasted cheddar cheese
  3. Cider hot in our mugs
  4. My preggo belly that went pop! here I am! these past couple of weeks
  5. Apples are waiting to be picked
  6. Air that is crisp with autumn instead of dry with the end of summer (hello, Sicily)
  7. A few stacks of Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes 
  8. A long game of Settlers of Catan with your siblings
  9. Cutting a rug at your baby brother's wedding this weekend!  
I want to do a happy dance just thinking about these wonderful two weeks of family, friends, and fall ahead of us.  Let's get this party started... come do some puzzles with us!


  1. Wow! Three and a half weeks?! And I complained about FOUR DAYS without my husband.

    Enjoy that sweet reunion!

    1. Seriously, I know. And I'm the wife of an Army soldier... how will I deal with possible deployment??

  2. YAY! Welcome home Elliott! And welcome to Charlottesville in just a few hours :)

  3. Oh, so exciting that he is coming home!! I know you all will be over the moon. :)

  4. so exciting he is coming home! hope you three have a great time!!

  5. How exciting!!! Sounds like you have a lot of awesome activities planned, too. Have fun at the wedding!

  6. Sounds like a blast! I definitely had that same wooden alphabet board when I was a kiddo, I wonder if they have that same 'wood and purple crayons' smell.


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