Thursday, August 16, 2012

popsicle baby

Someone is super excited about the fabulous new Tovolo popsicle molds that Uncle David sent us from Hill's Kitchen!  I made these first ones with limeade, which is a wonderful way to enjoy my favorite summer drink, if you ask me.  Jess has since made them with Nutella, coffee, sherbert, and peaches.  Not all at once.

Jess gave Lena this popsicle while I was out running errands and then took these lovely photos of her.  I love the more pensive ones on the kitchen table, followed by the colorful ones out on the porch.  My little 16-month-old looks so big!


  1. that last one... new desktop picture.

  2. that... baby... is... just. so. *heart melts.*

  3. the last one is awesome

  4. i'm glad i have picture evidence that she does indeed smile when i'm alone with her...granted i am probably the funniest person she's ever met.

  5. All the different ways that she smiles.... and of course I so wish I could be there too.


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