Friday, December 30, 2011

update from Roma

Well, technically I guess I'm writing from Tuscany as our train hurtles along towards Venice... all of which is a little more exhausting than dreamy thanks to our little baby! (I'm writing this as she finally sleeps in the crook of my left arm.) But it's lovely in Tuscany even in late December when all the vineyards are clipped and dormant for the winter. We're traveling with my family while they're visiting this Christmas and we are already dreaming of a summertime return. How can you not? :-)

I've been collecting a few photos to share of our Christmas in Sicily with my family... but it looks like the Blogger app won't let me upload them. Grrr. I'll try again later, as there are some sweet ones! It's been so cozy and satisfying to have them here, loving on little Lena and making new memories with us.

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  1. Enjoy Venice! It is one of my favourite places least in Italy.....but then Italy it's very hard to chose a favourite place!


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